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Wetu Safaris is located in the famous little town called Umkomaas, known for the Aliwal Shoal.

This reef is rated in the top 5 places worldwide for close encounters with shark and is home to the ragged-tooth shark in winter.

Our region offers many dive site options with 2 wrecks to choose from and 1 extra wreck for technical divers.

Summer brings in warm clean Indian ocean water and many pelagic species such as manta rays and sometimes whale sharks.

Our Wetu Safaris staff have provided information that we felt will help you experience our adventures and help you understand our reef and conditions.

At any point please write to us for any feedback if you have any questions. Alternatively, visit our FAQ section which will be updated regularly.

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Wetu Safaris - Annual Sardine Run - Hole In The Wall

Sardine Run

Let the action begin! The annual sardine run is undoubtedly a top diving bucket list activity. Join us at Hole In The Wall, in the former Transkei.

Wetu Safaris - Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Join us for amazing reef & wreck dives Including close encounters with sharks. Our winter season is raggies while summer brings tiger sharks.

Wetu Safaris - Scuba DIving Courses


Get qualified with the world’s fastest-growing scuba diving standard. We’ll get you safely into scuba gear and breathing underwater.

Wetu Safaris - Ithala safari adventures


Want to experience some of the big 5? Let’s go on a trip of adventure and discovery. Pack your camera and bring a hat for some epic safari action.

Wetu Safaris - Durban Airport Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service

Our driver will be waiting for you patiently at the airport & assist with your arrival at our local King Shaka Airport near Durban.

In accordance with government regulations to aid awareness of the COVID-19 pandemic we are sharing the link to the official Department of Health online portal.