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Freediving the Aliwal Shoal is truly rewarding with many drift diving options as well as shallow reef exploration. There is an exciting option to free dive with sharks as well. This is truly thrilling, with as many as a couple dozen blacktip sharks cruising close by.

Join the world’s fastest-growing underwater sport. Our freediving course takes only a day where you learn to breath-hold and the safety standards observed. We then go and test what we have learned to increase our time underwater.

A Typical Launch

Everyone meets up at the planned launch time. The boat and crew will be ready to go. We take a drive down to the local launch site where everyone jumps out and gathers for the shark dive briefing. At the briefing, you will be given the rules of swimming with sharks and general launch and dive protocols and hand signals. Don’t be shy to ask questions!

The launch, considered one of the most challenging, takes about 10 minutes and then a 20-minute ride out to the Aliwal Shoal marine protected area. A bait stem is lowered into the water attracting blacktip sharks by the dozen. Everyone slips quietly into the water and led to a floating hanger where you have a panoramic view of sharks all over the show. Also, many other varieties of fish accompany the sharks, making the scene quite colorful and action-filled at every instant.

After an hour in the water, we lift the bait stem and head back to the launch site. Safety jackets on, and a joyful ride in followed by a beach of river beaching, depending on tidal conditions.

Photos taken by crew are then sold separately as an optional selfy-style shot with sharks

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Free Diving Training Course

Interested to learn how to free dive? It takes a morning where we go to a pool and learn the art of saturation and relaxation before doing a few dives to see how to increase our breath-hold time. Once you have mastered the art in our pool, we then test what we have learned on the reef with an exciting baited shark dive.

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