Sardine Run Buildup 2020

Wetu Safaris - Annual Sardine Run

2019 – Bumper Sardine Run

This year we experienced an incredible spectacle. Every day seemed to deliver new surprises. No one really gets to see how much preparation is involved when offering a sardine run adventure. With all our ducks in a row, making the trek down to the coast stirs an air of expectation, with local Pondo children trailing behind our convoy, hoping to a “bonseller” sweet, chocolate or two rand coin. Life out in the former Transkei seems very laid back, with each cluster of huts cheerfully decorated with traditional family house colours and embellishments on the rooves. Each kraal has chicken harems ruling each roost with goats spread out randomly grazing with a few hot-belly black pigs lingering on the roadside. Every so often a Canus Africanus strolls obliviously across the road like a coyote on a mission.

The countryside is very picturesque, with hundreds upon hundreds of colourful home, livestock and locals that all greet cheerfully. Upon reaching Hole In The Wall, the sun has already risen half-mast, the smell of the ocean air is overwhelming, and one has that urge to take a walk down to the ocean’s edge. This place looks idyllic, like some lost paradise.

Every customer remarked about how incredible the location is. It’s a very unique place indeed. The Hole is a section of the earth’s crust that has been worn away over time and left this monolithic structure behind. The rock strata carry iron pyrites (fools gold) in beautifully layered streaks throughout the rocky face. Arch rock to the left looks like rocky remnants of volcanic rock that solidified to make twin columns standing tall.

There are two swimming beaches where we can go relax and enjoy the afternoon in the sun. Further north, near Black Rock is also a hidden away beach where the ladies often disappear too, forboding all men (I wonder why). Some excellent fishing presents itself at Queen’s Point, Shark Point, Danger Point and at the Hole.



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